Remote Sessions:

Many people are surprised to learn that we can conduct hypnotherapy via the telephone. Most of the therapeutic modalities and techniques I utilize— Hypnotherapy , NLP , Timeline Therapy® and Therapeutic imagery require only two key ingredients: verbal communication and the use of your imagination. Thus, we can easily conduct your sessions on using Skype or Facetime.

In fact, remote sessions offer us an added measure of flexibility in scheduling and conducting sessions.

I routinely work with clients from coast to coast and all around the globe. Many are clients I see in the office when possible, and work with on the remotely when not. Some, I’ve never met face to face. Either way, I have conducted countless distance sessions using the modern technology and supported as appropriate with tapes and CD’s as a given case might indicate.

The results are every bit as powerful as if you are sitting with me in the clinic in Los Angeles. If you’re curious, give me a call and we can discuss helping you create a better you from across the miles.


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